Best Reasons to Choose Online Rent Collection

Landlords who have not realized the benefits of online rent collection are missing a lot and the following will help them understand the perks they can get.

Lets them save time

Usually, they go all the way to the post office to see if the payment is already in their P.O. box. Once it is, they will think of when and where they will deposit it. When collecting payments online, the rent is deposited straight to their bank account, which is convenient and stress-free. Online rent collection is crucial to the success of a property management business.

Keeps confidential information safe

Important information of tenants is written on a check such as their bank account and routing numbers plus their personal details, which sometimes include their phone number. Pieces of paper with this kind of info are prone to risk and they can be held liable whenever they are in possession of their tenant’s check.

Reduces stress

They do not need to personally collect rent. They do not even have to call their tenants, knock on their doors or send them a monthly invoice. The rent payment will be deposited to their bank account every month. Online rent collection is critical but most especially for landlords who have more than $1million worth of rent to be collect each year.

Helps them maintain a steady cash flow

They are notified whenever their tenant’s payment is being processed. Therefore, they know the date when the rent will be deposited to their account.

Lets them know about the tenants who pay the rent

Landlords in most parts of the country have to know those who paid their rent since payments determine who is a tenant by law. They will know the name of the tenant who paid and the amount.

Makes tenants happy

By this time, many tenants are already paying their bills online. They will be grateful to them for not using a check. They will think of it as one benefit of being their tenant.

Lets them be organized

When collecting rent online, they can easily transfer their income information to a spread sheet, making tax prep easier.

Makes it easy to collect other payments

When they are already set up, it is easy to collect other payments like one-time utility fees, late charges, pet and security deposits, among others.

Allows them to easily resolve payment issues

They will know immediately when tenants fail to pay because of insufficient funds. There are other online apps that let tenants make another payments using another bank account or card in order for them to get paid at once.

Businesses That Can Receive Financing From European Funds

If you decided to start your own business with European funds, you can consider yourself lucky. European funding is offered for many types of business, as long as they start from inspired ideas and have the potential to become profitable, bringing benefits to the society.

Here are some business ideas that can qualify for European funds.

Health gets European funds

The Health is a generous field for opening different activities that benefit both the investors and the society. If you work as a dentist, you can open a dental office with funds from the European Union. The same can be done if you work in other medical specialties. Through European funds you can purchase the necessary equipment for your cabinet. Try to open the office in an area where the services you want to offer are absolutely necessary.

Cultivation of mushrooms or aromatic plants

It may seem like an unusual business idea with European funds, but growing mushrooms or plants cultivation can be successful. The agricultural businesses are among the ones that have benefited from European funds and have been profitable.

It will be easy for you to get contracts to sell your plants not only in the country, but also abroad, if you follow the European Union standards

Solar energy – a star among businesses with European funds

Protecting the environment and producing green energy have become a priority for many of us. With such a business idea you cannot fail in accessing funds from the European Union now and next years. It is a future business idea that responses to the concerns of the people worried about the planet’s future.

Photo-video and virtual reality

Do you dream of having a film studio or are you passionate about virtual reality games? The European Commission offers funds for both activities. All the necessary equipment can be purchased with the money obtained from funds.

Catering services

We all need to eat but few people have time to cook. You can help them with a catering company, financed with funds. Whether you opt for traditional foods or internationally inspired dishes, people will be happy to eat healthy and tasty.

Odas Global Consulting can turn your idea into a successful business

When you have a good business idea, but you don’t know what to do with it, Odas Global Consulting can help you. This business consulting company in accessing European funds managed to get financing for 281 projects, which turned into beautiful businesses.

The same thing can happen with your project. More than 20 Odas consultants have business experience and are always informed about everything that is new. Therefore, they are able to offer the best business advice.

As a result, you will receive the best consultancy services, with a guarantee of professionalism and respect to your needs and requirements. Because it receives a proper business consultancy, your project has all the chances to access the funds. In addition, Odas also helps you with the project implementation, as it offers complete consulting services.

Happy Everything!

Shortly after my son moved to Medicine Hat and began working in my private practice, he encouraged me to do some downsizing at the office. I will never forget how shocked he was when he found an envelope in one of the boxes. On the front of it, I had written “Mark’s First Haircut”. His response was “It can’t be. You didn’t really save my hair for more than four decades!”

Of course, I had!

Within minutes we had a pile of “treasures” from his youth including notes he had written in a grade five sex education class and miscellaneous forms of artwork. My instructions to him were simple. I said “These things belong to you. I want you to take them home with you and never, ever tell me what you did with them”. (You see, I suspected that perhaps he didn’t value them as much as I had).

Firsts are important and usually have an emotional component. Think about your first bike, your first day of school, your first kiss. Do you remember when you earned your first pay cheque, opened your first bank account or made your first major purchase?

What colour was your first car? What was the name of your first date? And where did you go together?

Firsts are a very important part of life as they take you into new adventures. But firsts also symbolize past, present and future. Having a first means that you leave something behind like your youth, innocence or safety. It means that you have a new experience in the present where you can gain skills and perspectives. It also means that you will gather memories for the future.

Sometimes firsts are wonderful and valued forever. Other firsts can be painful or awkward. All of them, however, help us to grow and learn.

Well, this week is extremely special because it holds so many firsts. Today is a new day in a new month in a new year in a new decade!

What are you going to do with this? Will you take time to think about the past and record what you have seen and done? Are you going to take time today to relax and give thanks for how much you have experienced and the fact that today is the gateway to new beginnings? Perhaps you are thinking about the future and what goals you want to accomplish.

When my children were little, I would always talk with them the day before school saying, “You have a brand-new scribbler with brand new pages so you can write anything you want in it”.

Stranded When We Landed – Does Your Travel Tour Company Care Where You Are?

Stranded When We Landed; Does Your Travel Tour Company Care Where You Are?


In the absence of an experience one must rely on the experiences of others as a guide post for making decisions. Not knowing what traveling to France really entailed my wife and I listened to friends who made the trip and advised us that the best way to travel is to engage a travel tour company which takes care of all daily activities for the inexperienced traveler.

We secured a highly recommended tour company in the US for a trip to France. For seven nights of accommodations traveling from Monte Carlo to Paris we paid $12000 6 months in advance which included airplane costs, and insurance in case something went wrong before or during the trip. As seasoned travelers with our local university, we were accustomed to a well managed engagement which would take care of food, lodging, travel, entertainment, culture, history, and would be carried out with the utmost in customer care. We also expected that the extravagant cost of $1700 per day would at least equal the inconvenience of lacking the knowledge and experience of moving around in a foreign environment for a period of about 8 days. In point, the additional costs would pay for the fact that we were strangers in a foreign country and as such lacked the wherewithal to take on the new country as we would take on a new tour with our university travel group. Our first taste of our foreign land deflated our reasoning and assumptions: we were stranded when we landed!

A Case Study of the Uncaring Travel Tour Company

Stranded at the Airport

Imagine being stuck on a plane for 8 hours at night and being unable to sleep since you do not normally sleep in an upright position. To make matters worse when you arrive at your destination on foreign soil, no one is there to pick you up. Not only is there no one there but no one at the airport heard of the tour company in charge of picking you up. When you finally reach the tour manager she tells you that a car will pick you up in one half hour. After about an hour when no car arrives you are told by another American traveler that they are on a similar tour with the same travel company and they are waiting for their ride. Their ride arrives but your name is not on it. Finally the driver makes arrangements to take you to your hotel. The tour leader is surprised and apologetic noting that the pick- up service never makes mistakes stranding the travelers. I guess I should have called from the plane making sure that we would have a ride from the airport to the hotel? The first day of $1700 is lost without even a 3 dollar cheap bottle of French wine offered as an apology.


Hotel in Monte Carlo- The first day of breakfast was good; the second day we were delivered coffee and on our own for the breakfast. No second cup of coffee, no juice offer, no waiter, and no tour manager. The first day’s lunch was a disaster. The restaurant was one not used before, and the tour members were subjects in the new restaurant experiment. It started with the owner of the restaurant arguing with the tour director and afterwards the food came out slowly with questions of where is the wine?

Hotel in St. Remy- excellent!

Hotel de Louvre- Although we were seated as a tour member wait staff’s first attempt was to bill us for the meal. They did manage to charge us for the wine which we were told was not included in the meal. We paid for it upon leaving rather than argue with the clerk. The clerk responded that the wines we chose were not included. The waiter stated that no wines are included. The tour manager at that point was gone to “manage” another tour. (45 Euros)


In general the food was typical except for the meal at an olive farmer’s house. That meal was the best of the whole trip. What was strange is that many meals were not included. One would think that the tour manager would know where the best and worst places to eat were located, rather than having the members eating at a bad restaurant.


In general it was excellent. The tour leader did get lost trying to exit the train station.

Communication Technology

We were provided earphones while the, tour leader or lecturer spoke into a mike. We were told that the tour company was experimenting with new technology. I did not remember signing up as a subject in an experiment. Normally, subjects are paid. The technology failed miserably.

Language of the Culture

One would think that tour leader would be fluent in the language of the culture. She did not seem to know the language as well as expected.


The emergency phone numbers provided did not work or they were in French. The tour manager did not provide her number in case of emergencies.

Hotel Internet Access

Some had it and others wanted 18 Euro just to use the Internet (Hotel de Louvre). One would think that for $1700 a day Internet service would be provided at no cost at the hotels.


Tour members should be advised if options are available for planes. Connecting flights should be outlawed. My wife and I did not have a window seat going or coming. Coming home we were seated aisles apart. We had to negotiate with another traveler to sit together. Seating for couples should not be negotiated on the plane with others. One would think that the tour company should have enough clout to ensure that tour member couples are provided in the best seats possible.

Overall Evaluation

As experienced US tour travelers the trip to Europe was mediocre. $1700+ a day was excessive for the benefits received especially since the management of the trip was poorly handled. The traveler paid the company to purchase the tickets and as such from boarding to arrival the company is responsible for the well being of its customers by planning, scheduling, controlling, organizing, and communicating the status of its customers. Stranded is indicative of a failure to manage. The fact that no one seemed to care that some of the travelers were missing or made an attempt to locate them says that there was no list or no interest available to track arriving travelers. The well managed travel company has its tour leaders checking the whereabouts of the missing members. If the list was available to the tour leader, and the leader did not take action, both the company and the leader need significant training in customer care.

The failure to identify good or bad restaurants leaving the choice up to the traveler who is unfamiliar with the area detracts from the travel company and leader’s professionalism. It says that the leader and company have not done their homework. They failed at their job. Further, at $1700 a day the meals should have been a given and if the travelers wanted to go off on their own, that would be their choice.

Customers want to know that the principals of a company are actively involved in carrying out the company’s work. More importantly, they demand that the person identified to work with the customer be there if problems occur. Our tour leader, was not there at the beginning, present at times during the trip, and gone before the trip was over. In some respects the trip had no tour leader.

The cost of $1700+ per day (one day was lost upon arrival) for a mediocre trip has left an indelible mark on our mind in terms of other trips. Before engaging any travel one must go through the numbers via a cost/benefit analysis. For the tour what hidden costs will result from a poorly trained tour leader and organization and non-included activities? Tour companies are great in their presentations. This company was not so good in their delivery

Some points to consider before engaging the travel company:

1. Make sure the tour company is experienced, qualified, and can provide a list of satisfied customers. There is no guarantee that it will deliver a great tour, but at least you are starting off on the right foot.

2. Ask the company about its training, organization, and how it manages your travel throughout the trip. Does it know where you are the day you leave your state, and during your travels?

3. Find out about your tour guide. Is he or she conversant in the language of the culture, have experience, and recognized as a qualified tour leader?

4. Will the tour leader remain until the end of the trip?

5. What exactly is included in the meals?

6. If an emergency phone number is provided, try it before you pay for your trip.

7. If tips are necessary consider another consider another company. The leader and driver made a few thousand dollars in tips in addition to their salary.

8. Rent or buy an international phone if you do not have one. Your current mobile may only work in your country.

9. Compare the costs/benefits of a few qualified travel tour companies.

10. Evaluate choosing your airline or having the tour company arrange for tickets.

11. Try to secure non-stop flights. Stopovers eat into your travel time.

12. Consider that Internet service may or may or may not be provided. You may need a special connection to secure service on your computer.

Understand the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Photography Gallery

Nowadays internet has become a popular tool to share and promote everything, including photography works. You may also think the same and thus you want to establish an online photography gallery. This article gives the advantages and disadvantages of online photography gallery so you can be prepared on what you expect to get and problems that you will face.

The advantages of an online photography gallery

The most important advantage of an online photography gallery is the global audience that you can reach. This is an effective and the easiest way to introduce your photography works to the world. Internet is an excellent marketing tool if you understand how to use it properly. In addition, you can place an e-commerce capability in the gallery so visitors can buy your works directly from the site.

Making a personal online photography gallery is a good start, but you should not stop here as you need to display your talent as much as possible. The next step is to join several groups of online galleries so more people, especially people who are experts in this field, will know about you and your capability. In addition, these groups also a good way to share experiences and tips to improve your photographic skills and techniques.

The last advantage is its momentum. It serves as an ever present platform to show your works. It gives momentum because it shows what you have achieved over the years. You can see how you have developed and progressed after many things that you have faced all these years. This is a good way to keep motivating yourself whether you are an amateur or a professional.

The disadvantages of an online photography gallery

Even though an online photography gallery seems to be a very good idea, they also have disadvantages that you need to be aware of. The most common problem is that your works will almost certainly appear in other sites without you receiving any money. Therefore, it is important to mark the photographs with your symbol or you should disable the downloading option.

If this experience happens to you, you should not get angry immediately. As long as the sites that show your works do not gain profit from them, you should not be too upset. In fact, it can be a good thing because it shows that they like your works and it also acts as a free publicity.

However, if your works appear in business sites and you do not receive any money from them, then it is time to be serious. In a worse case, your photos are used by others to do frauds. This is common to happen among portrait and clothing catalogue photographers. In today’s digital world, it is easy to scam someone behind someone else’s portraits.

The last thing to consider is that if you do not want to make your own online photography gallery and opt to use existing online gallery services instead, you will need to pay a fee that can range greatly. This fee does not mean that you will get a transaction either. There are some free services out there, but usually the quality is questionable. They have a lot of limitations or they put a lot of advertisements in the page.

As you can see, an online photography gallery has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you should consider carefully before you make any decision. You should develop a strategy to maximize the advantages, while minimizing the disadvantages.

How to Optimise User Acquisition for Your Mobile Games?

Success of chartbuster games proves how mobile games can be a wonderful source of revenue for many developers. However, to reach their destination these games need much more than a superior storyline, an engaging gameplay, and high-quality graphics. In short, it needs more elements than what you as a developer alone can provide; it needs channels to reach to its potential customers.

Most of the games, whose success stories may have inspired you, have started their journey from a small base of users, who liked the game, shared it with their fellow players and made the game a complete success. However, to reach that small base of users, who can make a mobile game a sensation in the gaming industry, is not a small achievement and that means it will require efforts.

Following the natural process of spreading the game through organic mediums, like your friends, supporters, organic search engine results, etc. seldom produces the best results. Furthermore, the process involved is so time-consuming, that by the time your game reaches the best of the audience, your idea may have become a bit outdated, owing to the rapid pace of the industry. Therefore, if you really want to get the best outputs for your game, you will have to consider your marketing techniques, and advertising is not the least important of them.

Through this article, we’ll understand how through advertising, and other mediums, you can optimise the user acquisition for your game.

Understand the Terminology:-

If you’re using search ads, and that includes the display and other formats of ads, then it is crucial to understand some terms that would help you in optimising your efforts.

CTR- Click Through Rate tells how many times your ad was clicked after appearing on SERPs.

IR- This is applicable for app ads through which users are directly taken to the install page of the game. Install Rate tells you how many users have installed your game.

A/B Test- It is highly unlikely that you will get the perfect advertisement on the first go. Therefore, trial-and-error is often considered the method of all the ad creators. To simplify, or rather, organise these efforts for long-term planning and reporting purposes, it is suggested to follow the practices of A/B Testing to get to your best-converting advertisement real quick.


Create a good advertisement content and equally good content for the landing page. For advertisement, the content should be crisp yet compelling one. Knowing your prospective audience will provide real help here. Understand what things appeal to the audience you’re targeting, and then try to add those elements in the content. On this basis, you may also decide the name of the game, its icon, and the description. Adding positive reviews of the game and screenshots also formulate the essential components of the game app content, most users have agreed of seeing checking these two things before anything else in the content. Other than that, make sure that the content tells as much about the game as is necessary for any avid player to get started with it smoothly. Furthermore, try to add gripping elements like engaging graphics and enticing text so that the chances of conversions are at the maximum.

Easy Download:-

Any reliable game development company can tell you this -removing all the bugs from the game is simply not enough if the download link of your game is faulty. You do not want your game to get into the bad books of your prospective gamers out of this petite issue, right? So, ensure that it is extremely easy for your users to download the game, once all your set conditions, like terms and conditions agreement and payment (if any), are met.

* Tip: To catch more users, you can try the free-demo technique. Allow the users to play the demo level for free, or allow them to install the first level of a big game that will take up less space on their device. Doing so will keep from getting scared away with big numbers.

Wrap Up:-

Once you have invested in game development services and have developed a truly amazing game, it would be completely undeserving to compromise on its user acquisition. Given the competition in the market and the fast-paced changes in the market trends, it is essential for you to garner as many users in the first few weeks as possible. You can always upgrade your game in the future as per the needs of the time, but all those efforts would not produce you enough fruits if you don’t already have a strong base of users. Therefore, investing in user acquisition, with complete strategy, is a must if you really want your game to be a success in the market and industry.

Wonderful Quarantine Date Ideas

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak has been a negative one on most couples around the world, and not only. In case you are passing the time with your partner, then you are probably looking for some ways to actually strengthen your bond so that you can relieve a bit of anxiety while you are at it. Therefore, here are some wonderful ideas that will surely help you make the most of your time spent at home with your loved one.

Make pizza together

You certainly love pizza, and therefore, you can have lots of fun with your partner while you are indoors, by making a delicious pizza together. This will help you improve your connection between you, and most of all, it will help you get rid of stress and forget about the problems. You don’t have to be an expert to cook a pizza. It is actually very simple to do it.

Add some spice to your intimate life

This is the perfect moment to add some spice to your intimate life. Since you have lots of free time, you can try new and interesting things in the bedroom. Remember that men like exciting thins between sheets, and if they don’t have them, they will most probably look for somebody else to fulfill their fantasies. There are plenty of men who cheat on their girlfriends with Nottingham escorts, just because they don’t have an open relationship at home.

Try karaoke

Karaoke is without a doubt an extremely fun activity that you must certainly go for it while you are in quarantine. Challenge your loved one to a fun-filled game of karaoke. Trying some of your favourite tunes is 100% guaranteed to highly boost your spirit. Have a look on the YouTube page Sing King, where you will find numerous songs for you to try out.

Have a spa day right in your home

You don’t need to go out in order to enjoy a spa session. You can do it right in the comfort of your home. Try a relaxing bath with some essential oils that you really love, some calming face masks, and so on. Make sure you have enough bubbles in your bathtub. By doing this, you will highly relax and maybe after the bath, you can continue the relaxing moments in the bedroom. Any man loves being surprised in bed, and that’s why lots of them date escorts from uEscort, so that they can experience different things in bed.

Try painting

Painting is an extremely relaxing activity that you should try with your partner. You don’t need talent for that, it all about fun and quality time spent together. Activities like this will help you improve your relationship and will create a better connection between you. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to express your creativity. Keep it exciting and pleasant by playing some upbeat tunes while you actually put your brush to canvas.

Are Travel Agencies Outmoded?

It seems like you cannot enjoy television for more than one hour without seeing a commercial with William Shatner referring to Travelocity or perhaps that silly gnome discussing Orbitz. When you have browsed a few of these travel sites, you might have noticed that they’re amazing in the diversity of travel choices that they make accessible. And it is difficult to deny that lots of thousands of individuals have taken advantage of these services. As a business traveler, however, your requirements are usually relatively distinct from the typical airline traveler.

There are several very specific services a living and breathing local travel agent can only provide, that just cannot be replicated by an automatic site such as Travelocity or Orbitz. Some of those services that the seasoned business traveler could be hard pressed to live without contain…

1. Focus. You being a business traveler are not arranging this journey for enjoyment. An individual possess specific business objectives as the primary goal. So should you need to take time from preparing for your business task to bother with travel itineraries, hotel and rental car bookings and the like, that’s time that you are not being productive for the business. In the event that it is possible to contact a gifted local travel agent who knows the travel profile effectively and delegate those arrangements to that particular representative, they do their work to locate the ideal accommodations to suit your needs and you are liberated to complete what you do best, focus on your company and the upcoming business travel.

2. Economy. It is hard to find which balance between finding the lodging that match the demanding schedule of a business person on the road which is well-intentioned of the companies travel budget too. If you use an automatic online travel support, you might have to compromise convenience, schedule or place for economy. A great local travel agent will continue to work hard to get the correct schedule while getting as near the organization travel cost restrictions as it can be. And they are going to do it without taking up plenty of your time.

3. Back up. You don’t need help if the trip goes flawlessly as designed. But if you experience issues traveling, you can find yourself in need of assistance or rescheduling flights and finding new hotels to work around terminated flights, weather issues or some other unforeseen disruptions to your plans. These traveling unfortunate occurrences are not aware of your tight deadlines to satisfy your company objectives. But if you have a travel agent who is focused on offering you support, they can see those other ways and resources to accomplish all they can to get you to your desired destination to help you conduct your business promptly.

4. That personal touch. A person might have travel preferences that you want to accomplish with every trip you take. A travel agent has your profile as well as your travel history so they can do the things they can to accommodate your preferences. But moreover, if you have certain special requirements like a diet plan limitation or perhaps a need for accommodation as a result of disability, it will likely be the travel agent which sees to it that your needs are given for and you’re simply properly cared for on the road.

5. Issues. When your travel itinerary requires making connections with business partners who’re journeying through varied workplaces, intricate travel agendas and itinerary challenges that simply cannot be described to the generic monitors of an online travel service, you can explain these types of complications to your travel agent and they can work along with other travel agents working to organize the meeting to see to it that the schedule fulfills the needs you have.

As the online travel services do give a valuable and inexpensive substitute for the overall traveling public, it is easy to notice their limitations if you’re attempting to arrange an outing that’s tricky or if you have specific needs that the monitors don’t anticipate. Which is why dealing with a human travel agent guarantees this travel professional will devote on their own to the task of making certain your journey works to your own specifications and you get to your destination prepared to conduct business and be successful in your reaching ones ambitions.