Goals, dreams and achievements

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The world's first social bucket list app that let's you achieve your goals together with others!

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Goals, dreams and achievements




Goals, dreams and achievements Goal profile Follow others

Discover the world through the lens of people across different cultures. Browse through hundreds of goals waiting for you to achieve and get inspired by interesting ideas and perspectives from people all around the world!

Add the goals shared by others to create your own Bucket List or start sharing your ideas to help build the Bucket List of others. With experiences of others all around the globe, you will certainly learn a lot about amazing life goals!

By adding and achieving goals, following and interacting with people you will become part of the Bucket List community where people help each other in fulfilling their dreams by being an inspiration source for each other!

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Andrea Kardos

Jian Genovana

Melinda Lovas

I like the idea very much. I have already added more than 50 goals and considering it's almost summer I can start crossing them off!

The app looks beautiful and it connects people's dreams and aspirations from all over the world.

It looks cool! I already had my own bucket list in my diary. It's so exciting to share my goals with everyone with this app :)